Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the impending polar shift....

so I dont know how many of you out there know, but the North and South poles are going to shift in 2012.

leading up to and during this event, we will have no electronic forms of communication, no cell phones, no computers, no internet, no wireless networking, nothing, our cars wont even start. the Electromagnetic Pulse produced by this event will wipe out everything we've come to integrate into our daily lives. Perhaps not the end of the world, but the geographic changes that will result from the polar shift will assuredly wipe most, if not all of the human population from this Earth..... Imagine a giant jawbreaker (they've done this on mythbusters) now imagine if it were heated to where the center and the outer layer move independently from one another. now imagine this same concept with a north and south magnetic polar field. Our Earth. Now imagine how much the crust would change if the poles were to go through a transitional shift.....This is going to happen. It has already happened countless times during the course of our planets history and it will continue to occur until our planet ceases to be or the activity in the core ceases altogether.

On a whim of a thought, the deficit of the United States would not matter too much in this event, most of our currency exchange is done electronically. Credit cards will be useless during and after such an event. Who is going to keep track of the deficit after such an event ? who would want to?   

I believe the U.S. will use this to their advantage and claim no deficit after all our electronics are taken out for the duration of the polar shift........just a thought.....but the current state of our economy cries this out everyday the deficit raises........   *shrugs*   who else is sick of this countries politics ? lmao

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